Participants of Prisma Ukraïna’s Winter Academy “Revisiting the Nation: Transcultural Contact Zones in Eastern Europe”

Do 25 Jan 2018

1. Bureiko, Nadiia (Ukrainian Prism): Bukovyna as a Contact Zone

2. Buyskykh, Iuliia (Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies): The Polyphony of Coexistence: Local Communities on Polish-Ukrainian Borderland (Case of Podkarpacie)

3. Charapan, Nadzeya (Vilnius University / European Humanities University): Staging ethnicity, performing nationalism in ethnographic open-air museums (case study of Belarus, Lithuania and Sweden)

4. Dovhanych, Nataliia (Ivan Franko National University): Dichotomy of Memory in Ukrainian Emigration Prose of the Second Half of the 20th Century

5. Fabrykant, Marharyta (National Research University Higher School of Economics): Unintended Consequences of Neo-Imperial revivalism in the Contemporary Eastern Europe

6. Haman, Brian (New Europe College): Pluralistic Selves and the Negotiation of Belonging: Post-WWII Russian-German Literature and Eastern Europe

7. Lesanu, Alexandru (George Mason University): Refining Lives and Defining Sugar in the Transnistrian Borderlands (1898-2003)

8. Levins, Peter (Brown University): Fascism’s Adriatic Empire: City Politics and Architectural Production in Interwar Croatia

9. Lewis, Simon (Free University Berlin): The Cosmopolitan Imagination in Polish Literature, ca. 1800-1939

10. Minea, Cosmin (University of Birmingham / IEG Mainz): Europe in the Balkans: The Creation of a National Architectural Heritage in Modern Romania (1867-1920)

11. Nickell, Amber (Purdue University / Odesa National University): “We Wander” Together: Jews and Ethnic Germans on the Eurasian Steppes, 1917-1979

12. Palko, Olena (Birkbeck College, University of London): Contested Minorities: A Transnational History of the Polish-Soviet Borderlands, 1918-1939

13. Rindlisbacher, Stephan (Ilia State University): Territorialising the Soviet State, 1918-1936

14. Ruban, Kateryna (New York University): The Abortion Question in Soviet Modernity: A Study of Doctors and Female Patients in a Provincial Soviet Ukrainian Hospital, 1946-1991

15. Sergiienko, Viktoriia (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine): The Russophile and Ukrainophile cultural organizations of eastern Slovakia in 1919-1938: confrontation or interaction

16. Shatalov, Denys (Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”): “Import of the Cossack Idea”: The folklore publications and spreading of the Cossack idea in Galicia (in the first half of the nineteenth century)

17. Shuvalova, Iryna (Cambridge University): Oral Poetry in Donbas War: A Quest for Memory, History and Identity

18. Spinei, Cristina (Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University): Representations of Otherness: Voices ‚from Outside‘ in the Contemporary German-speaking Literature

19. Yusupova, Guzel (Durham University): The Revitalization of Minority Languages in the Russian Federation: Authoritarian Statehood, Inter-Ethnic Solidarity, and the Digital Media

You can find detailled information on our participants and the Academy on our blog.