Anna Novikov: The Visual Language of Neo-Nationalism: Patriotic Fashion in East-Central Europe and Central Asia

04 Jul 2017

Since the last decade a revival of patriotic attire can be observed in many post-communist countries of Central Eastern Europe (for instance, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). It manifests itself in various ways: neo-folk elements, traditional embroidery, festivals and the reenactment of historical scenes, religious symbols, photographs of politicians, and many more. Combat trousers and T-shirts printed with famous historical battles as well as folk motives on dresses and skirts are now popular in Poland; during their annual patriotic assemblies, Hungarian right-wing activists wear Mongolian inspired attire; Kazakh female pop singers dress themselves up as nomadic amazons; and Russian girls wear blouses with portraits of Putin.

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