Wed 07 Feb 2018

New at TRAFO: “In the Borderlands of War of Eastern Ukraine. Making Borders by Mapping Needs and Social Practices”

Sophie Lambroschini (Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin), has written an overview of recent academic and NGO expertise on life along the contact line.

“The photo above depicts an unexploded PG-7L grenade lying by a rural road in the buffer zone separating Ukrainian military from rebel troops in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Local villagers lined up beer, lemonade and vodka bottles a few meters ahead of the grenade as a rather bootless warning to drivers of the impending danger, conveying also the absurdity of this officially named “buffer” and “security” zone, in the borderlands of a war where Russian-backed separatists oppose the Ukrainian government, causing over 10,000 deaths and displacing at least 1.6 million civilians since April 2014.”

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