Mon 13 Jan 2020

WeberWorldCafé on Legacies of Colonialism in East Central Europe

Photo: Elżbieta Kwiecińska

"Apart from the concept of race, we also considered questions of knowledge and power. Especially, at the tables ‘Terrains of Colonialism’ and ‘Uses and Abuses of Expertise’, we talked about production and exchange of knowledge which made up a colonial tradition that remains prevailing in contemporary thinking. In regard of the ‘Uses and Abuses of Expertise’, we pointed out blurred power relations in colonialism and language which can be abused and used to segregate. The question of knowledge and power are particularly present in think tanks and institutes which provide expertise for development of those ‘less developed’. Although the development expertise acknowledged the end of evolutionism, we should be careful about the durability of some colonial mindsets."

The whole report written by Elżbieta Kwiecińska can be read on the WeberWorldCafé blog.

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