Prisma Ukraïna
2015/ 2016

Nataliya Gumenyuk

Bridging East and West Germany: Lessons Learned After Separation

Nataliya Gumenyuk is an independent Ukrainian journalist who specializes in foreign affairs and conflict reporting. During the last years, she has focused on post-Arab Spring developments in the Arab world and since the start of the revolution and later conflict in Ukraine she is reporting from the field on Maidan, Crimea and Donbas. She has recently published a book titled "Maidan Tahrir. In Search Of A Lost Revolution” (2015), in which she compares the two revolutionary developments and seeks transregional approaches to recent global political and social interconnections. She is a co-founder and recently elected head of Hromadske.TV (Public TV), a journalist-led initiative to create public broadcasting in Ukraine, and also is running Hromadske International newsrooms in English and Russian. Nataliya reported from nearly 50 countries. She holds a Master’s degree in Global Journalism Program from the Örebro University, Sweden.

Bridging East and West Germany: Lessons Learned after Separation

While in Berlin Nataliya plans to undertake a research project titled “Bridging East and West Germany: Lessons Learned after Separation.” She plans to investigate the relationship between economic and societal co-operation in post-unification Germany. Among the questions of investigation are: How were political divisions between East and West Germany perceived and dealt with? Did (and do) certain individuals play a special role for overcoming divisions and stereotypes between GDR and BRD citizens? What was the role of media and cultural projects? How could “common” history of separated societies be conceptualized, sensed and written?