Di 23 Jan 2024

PRISMA UKRAЇNA: War, Migration, Memory – Förderentscheidungen für ukrainische Forschungsgruppe am Forum

Zehn ukrainische Wissenschaftler:innen werden vernetzt und forschen gemeinsam an verschiedenen Orten in der Ukraine und …


Fr 19 Jan 2024

Prisma Ukraïna: War, Migration, Memory - Program and Members Brochure

The members of the research group introduce themselves, their research and the project's program in a recently published …


Do 11 Jan 2024
Fr 03 Nov 2023

Politics of Distorted Numbers: How Russia is Counting Displaced Ukrainians and Why?

Lidia Kuzemska on the symbolical meanings of scales of displacement and return for state actors.


Mo 30 Okt 2023

Wissenschaftliche Gesprächsräume in Zeiten des Umbruchs

Das Forum Transregionale Studien begrüßt 50 Fellows aus über 23 Ländern.


Do 28 Sep 2023

Resilience and Connection. A field report on the international congress “Rethinking Ukraine and Europe: New Challenges for Historians”

Denys Shatalov, member of the Prisma Ukraїna War, Migration, Memory research group, shares his experiences from the …


Do 07 Sep 2023

“Photographers are very eloquent speakers” – A Conversation with Jessica Zychowicz and Mariia Kravchenko

New on TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research: Sophie Schmäing interviews Mariia Kravchenko and Jessica Zychowicz


Do 31 Aug 2023

Identity Migration of Orthodox Churches During the War in Ukraine (Since 2014)

New article by Tetiana Kalenychenko and Denys Brylov in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Di 29 Aug 2023

CANCELLED: Humanities and Social Sciences in Times of Crises: Back to Provincialism?

Conference of the Forum Transregionale Studien is cancelled!


Do 17 Aug 2023

Cats in the Street Art of LBWS CAT UKRAINE: Constructing Cultural Memory in Wartime

By Yuliya Stodolinska on the surge of artistic practices in Ukraine as a response to Russia’s invasion


Do 27 Jul 2023

Ukrainian Forcefully Displaced Persons in Germany: To Stay or to Leave?

New article by Natalia Zaitseva-Chipak in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Di 18 Jul 2023

The Rise of Ukraine’s Sun by Kateryna Zarembo

Dr Kateryna Zarembo presents her new book “The Rise of Ukraine’s Sun” (Схід українського сонця) at the Forum. In …


Do 13 Jul 2023

Militarized Cancer: People with a Diagnosis and the War in Ukraine

New article byPrisma Ukraïna Fellow Olha Labur, published on TRAFO Blog.


Do 29 Jun 2023
Do 22 Jun 2023

The ‘Emergency Grab Bag’ of Memory, or the Tonalities of News Headlines About the War in Ukraine – Part Twо

New article by Olha Haidamachuk in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Do 04 Mai 2023

The Power of Maps and Geographic Imagery in Digital Communication: Narrating Russia’s War in Ukraine

New article by Alina Mozolevska in our TRAFO Blog series »War, Migration and Memory«


Di 02 Mai 2023