Halemba, Agnieszka; Regina Elsner; Tsypylma Darieva; Armina Omerika

Religion as a Source of Conflict and Means of Reconciliation

The Case of Eastern Europe Roundtable Discussion

The Roundtable Discussion “Religion as a Source of Conflict and Means of Reconciliation: The Case of Eastern Europe” was part of the Prisma Ukraïna Workshop “Religious Intersections in Post-Socialist Europe: Between State and Imaginary Borders” on 8 January 2018 at the Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin.

Moderator: Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska
Speakers: Agnieszka Halemba (University of Warsaw), Regina Elsner (ZOiS), Tsypylma Darieva (ZOiS), Armina Omerika (Goethe University Frankfurt)

The workshop was convened by Iuliia Buyskykh (Visting Prisma Ukraïna Fellow / National Institute of Ukrainian Studies).

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